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Schedule and Events


Kankakee/Des Plaines 8/27/23

Event 4 Results

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Lake Shelbyville 9/24/23

Event 7 Results

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Clinton Lake 4/6/24

Event Results

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East Fork Lake 4/14/24

Event Results

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Kinkaid Lake 9/16/23

Event 5 Results

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Lake of Egypt 3/23/24

Event Results

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Sangchris Lake 4/7/24

Event Results


Lake Shelbyville 5/19/24

Event Results


Lake of Egypt 9/17/23

Event 6 Results

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Lake of Egypt 3/24/24

Event Results


Newton Lake 4/13/24

Event Results


Sangchris Lake 6/1/24 1 Day Event

The Clash Championship is ICASSTT® Juniors Championship Currently B.A.S.S. does not give ICASSTT® any Bids so this will just be a Championship to finalize our Season. 

You must qualify for The Clash Championship. In the Junior Division.

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